Our goal is to help you express your interests, passions, and creativity, one room at a time.

Thank you for your interest in Chrysalis Interiors.  After 12 years of experience in the interior design industry I can thankfully say that I have developed a successful business and manage a design studio that I love more and more each year.  My name is Kendra Porter-Moul.  I was raised in Salem and opened up my small business down the street from my childhood home.  With each project I do, and each family I work with I get to learn and grow.

Let Chrysalis Interiors transform your home.  I have the expertise needed in so many areas of home and office design. My commercial portfolio continues to grow as well.  The contractors I have the privilege to work with have provided me the opportunity to help families express their style in many creative and brilliant ways.  From unique tile design to gorgeous fabric selections for window coverings, I am able to assist you in finding the best possible way to portray your interests, passions, and desires for your home or business.  Your family and friends should feel comfortable and content in your space.  I can help you transform any room or home project into the dream you have always envisioned.